Lapis Vitalis ® Philosophy

This brand is graced by high-quality products made of stone which can be used for health care and wellness. Manually selected Hot Stones, massage styli made from gemstones and other forms provide the tools for many successful therapists, masseurs, wellness users and beauticians who wish to integrate stones in their treatment concepts.

The following applies to all Lapis Vitalis® products:

  • High-grade, natural rough stones are carefully crafted by hand.
  • Extensive knowledge about the stones and their mythological and therapeutic backgrounds has been integrated in the design of the products.
  • Together with leading experts in their respective fields, like Michael Gienger, the founder of modern stone healing, Monika Grundmann, who developed the Edelstein-Balance® (Gem balancing)Treatment and Klaus Hüser, seminars leader for Lapis Vitalis Therapiesteinberater®, we secure the professional quality and the topicality of the products.
  • We personally know the suppliers of our raw material and the producers of our products and have insight into all production steps. In partnership the quality and working conditions are continuously improved.
  • Commercial traders can order all Lapis Vitalis® products through our online shop.

It is our aim to enable you to experience the stones and their positive effects on body, spirit and soul.

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